“Banc de Binary”: large profits and safe binary options trading

“Banc de Binary”: large profits and safe binary options trading

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          Every trader who has ever been involved in trading with binary options must have heard of the name “Banc de Binary”, and this Banc de Binary” review will be oriented to those who are, for some reason, not familiar with this company and do not know the importance of this broker house. This company is the leader in the market for several years now, and due to its impeccable tradition and long history most people regard it as the best binary options broker.


However, this “Banc de Binary” review should probably go back to the beginnings and take a chronological approach to the ways in which this enterprise managed to grow to such amazing levels. After the big crisis in 2008, financial market was on its knees, and not many people expected that a broker house which offered a new and revolutionary way of trading would prove so successful. The man who came to the idea to start this project was an Israeli businessman by the name of Oren Shabat Laurent, and he is also the current CEO of the corporation. His vision was clear – to create the best website for trading in binary options and to provide the traders with the ultimate trading experience. This intention was immediately recognized by lots of traders, and in only few years the numbers of registered accounts grew to amazing heights, reaching 250.000 in 2012.


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Sailor_Large_Profit_ST_1911_The_KING_of_PEN_21kt_Pen After this brilliant start, “Banc de Binary” spread all over the world and it now offers its services in more than 80 countries all over the globe, and people come to this broker because they trust its integrity and high level of professionalism. Also, high levels of quality and good performances of the software earned only positive reviews from renowned magazines, and this “Banc de Binary” review continues down the same path. It is hard to find a blind spot to the services offered by this broker house, since the people who run this company have covered all of their bases when it comes to trading with binary options. This is no surprise, because those are all experienced stock brokers and analysts, and they run this ship through rough waters of the global financial sea with a lot of success and expertise.


images Large profitability rates are something which has become a symbol of binary options, and “Banc de Binary” offers success rates of around 80%. Also, over 200 different assets are on display with this website and traders can easily find their preferred trading types and they can find the adequate investment opportunities in shorter period. Time is money, and in the field of financial transactions this is especially true, and this is the reason why “Banc de Binary” also offers trading signals which make the trading process much faster and efficient. Those signals save a lot of time which would otherwise go to tedious research of prices and their fluctuations, and those small messages give important alerts on potentially profitable bets.

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“24Option” – a broker that offers more

“24Option” – a broker that offers more

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Many broker houses invest heavily in marketing and promotion, and they try various methods and techniques that could perhaps make them a bit more popular and bring those extra clients, but it is well-known that the best advertising comes from the satisfied customers and that recommendations that they make are the most effective way of good publicity. Similar thing is present in trading with binary options, and this “24Option” review will try to play the role of that satisfied user and to describe the experience that we had with trading with binary options through this website.


Of course, impressions are a highly subjective matter, and tastes should not be discussed, but we tried to make our “24Option” review as realistic as possible, giving only the most objective information about this enterprise, with occasional personal insight.What is most important when trading with “24Option” is the feeling of safety and protection, as this company pays a lot of attention to security and a lot of experts are continuously monitoring their servers and data locations, in order to prevent all potential breaches and hacker attacks. This is something we all want from a company that operates with our hard-earned money, and we demand the absolute attention and the best possible treatment of our personal information and our funds.


“24Option” review has to mention some historical and “biographical” info about the company, and we all know that this broker was founded in 2010 and that it is registered in Limassol, Cyprus under the ownership from “Rodeler LTD”. This well-known corporation is the major owner of this broker and they seem to have strong ambitions with the future of this broker house, which already has a substantial fan base and a lot of customers worldwide.

cysecIn 2013 “24Option” was licensed by Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission, better known as CySEC, and this meant that the clients from United States were no longer eligible to access and trade on this platform, but it opened the doors of the European Union at the same time. People immediately recognized the quality of this enterprise and it attracted a lot of new traders as soon as this happened.

A license from such a regulatory body is very important in this business and people are excited to be able to trade with such a renowned broker house.


Binary-Option-Trading-AffiliateAs one of the pioneers in this market, “24Option” has gone through a lot of changes and mutations that were forced upon them by the unmistakable passage of time, but it seems that in the following years this company will focus exclusively on the top and that the ambitious people behind this project will do everything in their powers to make this broker house the best in the trading world. However, the world of binary options is very changeable and fluctuates almost equally like the numbers and charts of prices of certain assets, but the long tradition and history in this business will hopefully leave a positive influence on the people who run it and that this “24Option” review will serve as a good example of a premonition, or just a good, old faith in something that has a lot of potential.

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Benefits of using the best binary options brokers

Benefits of using the best binary options brokers

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          Most of us are not even aware of the fact that thousands of people every year are cheated and robbed on scam websites that offer easy money and make unreal promises, but statistics show that lots of people fall into that same trap all over again. It may seem like a pretty stupid thing to sign up on a site like that, but scam operations are sometimes very well hidden and it is not easy for someone who is entering the world of financial transactions for the first time to recognize immediately if a company is reliable or if it is a scam. However, there is a cure for that, and it comes in the form of a pretty simple recipe:

use only the best binary options brokers!


There are dozens of companies currently on the market that can be considered good broker houses, but there is only a couple of those that can be classified as the best binary options brokers on the global market, and the names like Banc de Binary, 24Option, Porter Finance, CherryTrade, CTOption and StockPair are among those that certainly deserve to be listed in that VIP group. But, what makes these several companies so special and different from the rest – is probably the question that will come to your mind immediately. Well, all of them have a long tradition in this business, and some are even pioneers of trading with binary options, which means that they started their activities in the “good, old days”. Also, due to their long history, it is clear that they have the necessary quality, since it would not be possible for them to “survive” if they weren’t good enough for this highly competitive market.


secrSafety and security that they provide is another very important element, if not THE most important, because the protection of your hard-earned money is probably something that you hold very high on your wish list. Since these companies offer you the chance to invest in a safe trading environment, it is easy to conclude that they possess the necessary elements that make them the best binary options brokers. Additionally, companies that are offering such high quality of services are always regulated by one or more regulatory bodies, or licensing agencies, which means that you should always check if a company has a license before you decide to sign up with one of them. Regulatory bodies like CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission) are respectable and serious in what they do, which makes people trust them and rely on their high standards. If a company gets a license then it means that it operates in a legitimate and transparent manner and that no scam is present, which in turn implies that the investments are safe and that the clients are free to enjoy in the joys of trading with binary options.

Choosing one of those best binary options brokers will never be a mistake and all new traders should decide to start with one of them, just to be sure that they are not flying right into a well-camouflaged trap.

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